Anchor Pointer

400K+ users app. From idea to design and code.


I'm co-founder of Pleeq Software. Together with my brother (skilled programmer) we decide to create an unique app. I set the goal to design and create a navigation app that can work without cellular internet connection. Work began in 2013 and thanks to the popularity of the app continues to this day.

Currently, Anchor Pointer has 400K + users worldwide, it is translated into more than 10 languages, and the average rating in the USA 4.6, 1.3K+ voted.

Target Audience

18+ active travelers. Car owners.


I created an online survey from which I learned that most people turn off the mobile Internet when traveling abroad. And also the fact that car owners spend more than 10 minutes searching for a parked car in large parking lots and unfamiliar areas of the city.

What I Did

Mobile app interface

I decided that in order for the navigation app to work without the Internet, we can use the digital compass and GPS built into the iPhone.

The app flow is simple: the user first saves the location, and then using the “smart compass” he can find it at any time. The compass shows an arrow where to go and how far you need to go.

I created a UI prototype using Sketch. And we quickly created the first working MVP in code.

In subsequent years, the app evolved through the collection of users feedback and analysis of Flurry analytics.

UI color

Long before dark appearance became so popular on iOS, I decided that the main color scheme for the interface would be a dark color, this was done in order to save the traveler’s iPhone battery.

Users flow

The app functions split by screens. So the main window contains buttons for different tasks:

  1. Search for a friend in the crowd
  2. Save location
  3. Find location
  4. Saving and find a parked car

This makes UI navigation very clear, without the need to further educate the user.

Low fidelity prototype


The app was released on the App Store and has been downloaded over 400,000 times worldwide.

In 2016, it was included in the list of new best apps in the USA:

App Store — new apps we love

Media about the app

The unofficial Apple blog about Anchor PointerFinancial Review

User reviews

"Unbelievably Easy and Accurate!!! Finally a GPS that does have all the clutter that a normal GPS would have. For off-road driving and hiking it's a MUST!!!" — by Jimbo6765

"I used it while hiking on the river bluffs today and tested it. It worked great. Took me right back to my car and even showed how far away in it was." — by Bjverano

App Store Editors’ Notes

"Wherever life takes us, we’ll find our way back with Anchor Pointer. It’s the compass reinvented with walking directions, navigational bookmarks, and a simple parked-car locator—all in a friendly design.

We save time and stress by sharing our whereabouts with friends and syncing saved locations across devices. For treks through nature or across town, Anchor Pointer fits like a good pair of shoes."