Waterlogue for macOS

Creating macOS app UI for popular iOS app.

From 2013, NY based company Tinrocket, LLC, developing the Waterlogue  app for iOS. The app can take any photo and turn it magically into a real looking watercolor painting.

The result is so well, so it was honored by Apple and featured the app in the Best of the App Store in 2014.


Create a macOS version of the app that has been around for years on iOS.

iOS version of the app

iOS version of the app

Target Audience

The target audience of the app is old users who will receive additional functionality and new users who have not used the iOS app before. The current audience of the app is people of all ages who like art, but they probably don’t know how to draw themselves.


I did an analysis of direct competitors in the market, as well as indirect ones. Since we know from the concept of liquid expectations that the experience of other industries affects the expectations of users.

App icon research

Document icon research

What I Did

Since the target audience is not professional artists, it was decided to make the interface elements large and simple. So that interaction with the app at each stage does not take a lot of time for training.

In addition to the toolbar with large icons, I created a pop-up window in which the controls related only to the active tool are located. This menu has a non-standard look so that the click area is larger than the standard macOS interface elements.

Each change of settings is accompanied by the appearance of a preview window, so that the user can quickly evaluate the result.

Since the macOS version of the app has a menu, I prepared a list of items and hotkeys that were synchronized with other popular graphic editors in order to use the muscular memory of experienced users.


Older users of iOS apps praised the result, leaving only positive reviews. The UI we made was very useful, so the company decides to use it with its other apps, like HyperDither .

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