Improve Your Strategic Thinking by Game

Fight on a board as a great leader. Think. Advance. Win.

Fresh Reversi is a game for two people leveraging an 8×8 cell board. The original game was invented in the UK in 1883, it was forgotten until resurrected in Japan under a different name. Since 1977, world championships of reversi are organised regularly around the world.

Basic Reversi Rules

The game starts with two black and two white stones placed on the game board. The black stones move first. Each player moves in turn, placing his stone next to enemy stone. All of the enemy stones that were between the recently placed stone and any stoned formerly placed on the board will be repainted to the player colour. If there is no valid shot to capture enemy stones, the player skips his move. The winner is the one who owns the more stones at the end of the game.

Improve Your Strategic Thinking

While playing Fresh Reversi you stimulate your strategic thinking, logic, and become smarter at each new game. Bright and stylish retina graphics as well as beautiful music will make the game experience unforgettable.

Not Just a Game, a War!

The more stones on the board the harder the game. Each wrong move can lead to your defeat, you must analyse every step you make. Your strategy must be to occupy the corner positions (1) and the perimeter of board (2). If you surrender these positions to your opponent, your chances to win are getting slimmer!

A Great Game With a Long History

—   Lewis Waterman & John W. Mollett   —

Reversi was invented in 19th century, approximately in 1883 by two english men Lewis Waterman and John W. Mollet, soon, the game became very popular in England. During it's existence the game changed and was published under different names. Modern versions of the game are based on principles that were established by it's inventors and the simplicity of the rules allow everybody to play, irrespective of age.

· from 1883 ·


Play alone or with friend

With Fresh Reversi, you can play alone versus the computer or against your friends on iPhone or iPad.

3 levels of difficulty

You can set different difficulty levels in the settings. Advanced players will enjoy playing with the highest difficulty level.

Black hole mode

In the "Black Hole" game mode one square on the field will be randomly switched off, which brings a level of unpredictability to the game.

No In-App purchases

With your initial purchase you get all functions at once. The game doesn't have any feature unlocked by in-app purchases and you will get all future updates for free.


For the purpose of following your progress, we created the statistics section, allowing to display the history of your performances for each difficulty level.


Available moves are highlighted automatically, you can turn this feature off in the settings.

Online Game

Play with your friends or random people.

How to play reversi


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