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Navigation App for iOS.

Anchor Pointer is a Navigation app that uses a simple arrow to show where you need to go and how far you need to go.

I created a UI prototype using Sketch and we quickly built the first working MVP in code. Over the next few years, the app evolved by collecting user feedback and analyzing Flurry analytics.

Currently, Anchor Pointer has 400K+ users worldwide, it's translated into more than 10 languages, and the average rating in the US is 4.6, with 1.6K+ having voted.

Sway by Humen Sway by Humen Sway by Humen Sway by Humen

Sway for iOS.

At the time I was hired, a draft version of the Sway app had already been created, my task was to improve the original design. It was also necessary to create an app icon, improve the corporate colors and user flow, create promo assets and more.

Each variant of the app interface was recreated in Figma and tested on a real device with the target audience.

Sway launches #CoolRanchDance in partnership with Doritos: Join the AI Dance Challenge!

Olli by Tinrocket Olli by Tinrocket Olli by Tinrocket Phil Schiller on App Store Best of 2016

Olli for iOS.

The client set the task of creating an interface for the new iOS app that could apply filters to a camera view in real-time.

Based on the research data, a prototype interface was developed in low-fidelity and high-fidelity forms. In order for the programmers to implement an interface, the manual was created.

The annual design magazine "UI Graphics 2" (Japan) publishes a story about the app UI.


Redesign of the transmission website. Project in the archive.

Waterlogue Pro Waterlogue Pro Waterlogue Pro Waterlogue Pro Waterlogue Pro

Waterlogue Pro for macOS.

New York-based Tinrocket, LLC, is developing the Waterlogue app for iOS. The app can take any photo and magically transform it into a real-looking watercolor painting. My job was to translate the iOS user interface into the macOS version of the app.

Since the target audience is not professional artists, I decided to make the interface elements large and uncluttered. In addition to a toolbar with large icons, I created a popup window that contains controls related only to the active tool.

This menu has a non-standard look, so the clickable area is larger than the standard macOS UI elements.

Imiwa? for iPhone

Japanese dictionary for iOS.

Worked closely with the developer of Imiwa? and helped design the app icon and website. Imiwa? is a free multilingual Japanese dictionary for iOS.


Self written blog engine.

Macilove is an Apple fan blog. We decided to write our own blog engine on PHP/JS to have more options for custom layouts. Most competitors on the market were using blog templates that looked the same, we wanted to change that.

The site caught the attention of Neo@Ogilvy and they invited me to promote Apple's online store in through an affiliate program.

YouTube Icons Redesign by alex_deplov YouTube Icons Redesign by alex_deplov

Reimagining YouTube Icons.

My version of YouTube icons is based on larger menu items. It is better suited for touchscreen devices. The second idea is to give the icons more humanity.

The icons should be more about people and less about the "tube". That's why we see a face on the "Watch Later" item menu icon, rounded, soft corners, and the home icon has a roof that enhances this effect.