Find Your Way.

With this smart compass you can save any location in the world, like a hotel in a foreign country or your parked car and never lost your way back to it.

Find Your Parked Car in Less Than a Minute.

How often you spend 10-15 minutes searching your car on a big parking lot? It can be worse if there is snow, rain or fog. With Anchor Pointer you can find your parked car in less than a minute.

Go Hiking and Never Get Lost.
What People are Saying About the App.

I used it while hiking on the river bluffs today and tested it. It worked great. Took me right back to my car and even showed how far away in it was.

by Bjverano

Having recently spent a weekend hiking in the Peak District I found myself using this app constantly to help with orienteering. The app lends itself to so many different uses (the Park facility being just one of them). Recommended!

by S N Khan

Unbelievably Easy and Accurate!!! Finally a GPS that does have all the clutter that a normal GPS would have. For off-road driving and hiking it's a MUST!!!

by Jimbo6765

Very useful 👍 I just need to say.. It's an amazing app for someone who need to find his way back safely like during a hike for example.

by willy83000

Meet a Friend.

Find a friend when maps doesn’t work. If you need to meet someone in a place without landmarks, activate "meet a friend" and establish communication with a friend. When the connection is established, both your compasses will point to each other.

Minimum system requirements: iOS 9+